About Sewak nepal
“sewak nepal” is a national campaign dedicated to overall orphan children of Nepal.
“Sewak Nepal” aimed at reviving the life of unattended disabled and orphan children, with contribution from those who don’t have any difficulty to live their lives.
Established at 6 Asar, 2070 B.S. (20 June, 2013) in South Korea, the campaign has now been spread to Israel, USA, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Denmark, Nepal and USA till dates and number of helping hands have already contributed in the campaign either being as campaigner or just outside helper. Being a national campaign, we urge all the Nepalese within the country and abroad to be the part of the campaign to incorporate as many orphan children as possible.
We are collecting financial support and expanding the campaign considering the fact that separating the small part of our everyday wages without affecting our livings may leave the significant effect in the lives of orphan children. Providing access to education, health and shelter by truly identifying the orphans who are completely deprived of education is the main objective of the campaign. Besides this, providing assistance to the poor non-orphan children depriving of education due to economic crisis of family, without breaking bondage between family members, is the special part of this campaign.We wished that none of our children should be deprived of education.

Initially, the campaign has provided scholarships to some limited children but later on the campaign aimed at involving more children living at nook and corner of Nepal. In case of children losing entire family members, orphanages will be established and the arrangements will be made to bring about proper upbringing and education. The campaign is not based on a single person’s interest, nor owned by a couple of slitting, but focus for an overall country and society and more specifically would remain as a synonym for orphaned children.
The campaign is neither the form of any NGO or INGO, nor assisted by any international donor as others but it is the campaign resulted by the unity of people who thought that they themselves can do something. So in this campaign, all members are treated equally without seeking how much they have contributed, without differentiating from which region they belong. This campaign will remain as one of the altruistic and inclusive campaign. The main source of earnings of this campaign is the assist provided by altruistic people. To widespread this campaign so that each and every citizen is known about it and to establish it as one of the best altruistic campaign of Asia is our main dream. Till now all of the financial work are transparent and well managed and will continue to be in same manner in future. For the administrative work money from the individual pocket is spent and the same process will continue in future. This means that money will only be spent for these children and will never be used for any other purposes.

Regarding the location of orphanage, it can be established anywhere inside the country despite the main cities and totally rural area. The area which are well connected with road, which possess physical infrastructures such as school, hospitals and have clean and neat environment are specially chosen. Earthquake resistant houses which can be manufactured from local materials and at low cost will be given more preferences. If buildings cannot be constructed from local materials then some additional technique may be implemented.
The orphanage home that we are planning to establish will include both orphan children as well as street children (bum). Initially, it is planned to establish the house which could provide shelter to at least 100 children which includes separate kitchen room, bathroom, TV room, and paintings which comprises of national flag, national hallmark and also paintings of great people of world will be hanged around the compound of the buildings. Name, address and images along with digital typing and paintings of all the campaigner and lifetime members will be decorated in big board and kept separately in one room, which will be one of the different features of this building.
In the annual program of this organization all the campaigner and as far as possible, all the lifetime members will be invited and will be respected and congratulated. And the name and address of all the collaborators will be written in file and kept in website.
Finally, we want to request all the citizens to contribute for the country and society. If possible join us as a campaigner, if not please be the lifetime members or help at least once.
…………….Thank You!